10 Reasons Why You've Got to Love Salads

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Salads are not boring when you know how to toss them and dress them. They taste delicious and come packed with health benefits.

If you thought healthy salads are just plain old tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers, you are in for a surprise. Salads can be prepared in many ways using greens, figs and walnuts, fruits, herbs, and exotic veggies. Dressings can include more than just yoghurt. Try gourmet cheese or extra virgin oil for a mouth-watering effect.

Salad benefits are surprisingly huge. Here are just 10 health benefits to be gained by eating salads.

Salads can help you decrease calories and control your weight. There are salad recipes for weight loss that you could give a go.

Your body can get the much-needed fibre with salads. Fibre’s job is to reduce cholesterol and aid digestion. It also makes you feel full and prevents you from overeating.

Vegetables contain a lot of nutrients. But we don’t always eat as many vegetables as our body needs. Salads are a great way to bring vegetables into your diet.

Thanks to the antioxidants that can be found in any salad you make, your immune system can be strengthened.

Salads can also strengthen your muscles and bones.

Salad dressings are also packed with nutrients. You’ll be consuming little saturated fat and no cholesterol. Some oils also give you the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids.

Salads are a quick and healthy way to energise and refresh yourself.

They are also a major source of protein. You get them from the nuts, leafy greens, low-fat cheese and lean meat.

It protects your heart, improves eye sight, fights cancer, and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Salads can help you improve your skin tone, hydrate skin, and keep ageing at bay.

Ready to go on a salad diet? Chop, chop.

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