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One of the biggest festivals celebrated in India, Diwali is celebrated in numerous ways all around the country. However, one thing that remains constant is that everyone ditches their diet and enjoys the festival by digging into their favourite sweets and home-made snacks. With Diwali, just around the corner, we listed down 7 must-try Diwali recipes. A mix of sweets and savoury, here’s a list of what you can cook up.

1) Shakarpara Shakarpara is one Diwali snack that has fond childhood memories for us all. It is almost seen in every house during the festive season. Not too sweet, crunchy and delicious, these are the three best words to describe this snack.

2) Seviyaan Seviyaan is a traditional sweet dish that can be whipped up during any festival. Made with vermicelli, milk, rose water and almonds, this dessert recipe is everyone’s favourite. It is also extremely quick and easy to make. You can make this even tastier by sprinkling a mix of dry fruits on top. You can also order dry fruits online at Spencer’s and get them delivered to your doorstep.

3) Malpua Dipped in ghee, hot and soft Malpuas are delicious, to say the least. Prepared with maida and semolina, Malpuas are meant to melt in your mouth. So, try making these at home, only if you are sure you can do justice to this irresistible sweet.

4) Jalebi Jalebis can be eaten all-round the year; however, Diwali remains incomplete without them. Made with maida and sugar syrup, Jalebis are best enjoyed hot with Rabri. You can now buy sugar online and satiate your sugar cravings with this popular Indian dessert.

5) Khasta Kachori A favourite of every guest, Khasta Kachori are not that difficult to prepare. One of the most popular street foods, it is made with maida and loaded with various spices and chutneys. Try making it for all those who aren’t too fond of sweets. It makes for a great Diwali snack for guests.

6) Gujiya Although, they resemble Samosas, Gujiyas are the sweeter version of them. Made with khoya, almonds and green cardamom, this is a great serving for those who have a sweet tooth.

7) Mathri A crispy cracker, popular in North India, Mathris, are yummy to taste. They are meant to melt in the mouth, if cooked well with considerate amount of ghee. Try making these delectable Diwali dishes and let us know how they turned out. We bet, your family will relish every bit of the Diwali recipes.

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