Feet Care Tips for the Rainy Season

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While the rainy season is best associated with romance and fun, it is also associated with a plethora of infections and bacterial growth (apologies for bursting that bubble!) Loose muck in your shoes, builds nothing less of a breeding ground for fungus and germs. The best thing to do with your feet in this season, is to take care of them. Here’s how.

1. Get the right footwear
As feet tend to sweat a lot during the monsoons, it would be advisable to not wear closed shoes and socks as water tends to accumulate in them. Allow your feet sufficient time to breathe and dry.

2. Wash immediately
It is essential to wash your feet with an antiseptic liquid whenever you return from the rain. This will help kill all the germs and remove any residues of dirt on your feet.

3. Cut your toenails
It’s best to keep your toenails short during this season, so that muck and fungus does not accumulate around them. Long toenails are the biggest culprits for collecting harmful germs and bacteria during the monsoons.

4. Use footcare products
Antiseptic liquids, moisturisers, anti-bacterial powders are the best way to keep your feet clean and deodorised in the monsoons. Be prepared so you don’t have to think twice before you remove your shoes. You can shop for a variety of footcare products on spencers.in

5. Get to scrubbing!
You don’t need to head on to the salon every time you need a pedicure done. Before you take your bath, soak your feet in warm water for about ten minutes. Add soap liquid to the tub and scrub with a pumice stone. Finish your bath.

6. Apply anti-septic gels
Before you hit the bed, apply some anti-septic gel on your feet. This will help kill all the bacteria on your legs and stops it from spreading onto your sheets.

7. Apply talcum powder
Use talcum powder on your feet to keep them dry. This will also make them sweat less and smell fab! Don’t forget to rub it in between your toes to prevent the growth of fungus.

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