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There are various legends surrounding the origin of biryani. The only constant is that biryani was an instant hit and continues to be a popular dish even centuries later.

Though biryani is hugely popular in India and is available in many avatars – Lucknowi biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, Chicken / Mutton / Veg biryani – it is believed to have been brought to the subcontinent by either traders or invaders from west Asia. Irrespective of where and how it came from, biryani has been adopted and cherished by Indians. Biryani from Lucknow is a particular favourite. However, the biryani’s evolution has spawned a variation for every possible palate.

Biryani in South India is very different from what you might find in North India. South Indian biryanis include the spicy and layered Hyderbadi biryani and Mangalorean fish biryani, with the Coorgs making mutton biryani that is as distinct as it is yummy.

Bengalis may prepare biryani with potatoes thrown in with meat. In the north, you may find yourself drooling over Awadhi biryani and Murgh Ki Kachchi biryani. Lucknowi biryani is prepared using fresh spices, rice, with the chicken added later. In Kashmir, biryani is street food with the vegetarian version known as Tahiri.

It is not just India that whips up biryani like it’s nobody’s business. Bangladesh has the Kachchi biryani, while Pakistan is known for the Sindhi biryani. Sri Lankan biryani is one fiery dish! While most Indians eat their biryani with raita, the Sri Lankans eat their biryani with sambol, chutney, and pickles. Middle Eastern biryani goes well with tomato sauce and the dish may also include nuts and raisins. Indonesia’s Nasi Kebuli and Afghani biryani are two other variations from Asia.

We can list biryani ingredients easily from simple recipes to whip up some homemade biryani. Most of these ingredients are easily available through online groceries in Lucknow and other cities.

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