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Tata Gold Leaf Tea, an exquisite blend that embodies the essence of premium tea craftsmanship. Tata gold leaf tea is a celebration of the finest tea leaves, offering a luxurious and aromatic experience for true tea connoisseurs. Immerse yourself in the richness and aroma of Tata gold leaf tea. The blend strikes a harmonious balance, offering a cup that is both robust and aromatic.

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Brand Tata Tea
Features and Benifits "
  • Tata gold leaf tea is made from the finest tea leaves, handpicked and expertly crafted to ensure a premium and superior-quality tea. Each leaf contributes to the richness and depth of flavor.
  • Immerse yourself in the exceptional aroma that emanates from tata gold leaf tea. The fragrant notes create a captivating and inviting experience, setting the stage for a truly luxurious tea moment.
  • Tata gold leaf tea boasts a rich and complex flavor profile that transcends ordinary tea experiences. Savor the nuanced layers of taste, revealing a depth that is both satisfying and indulgent.
  • True to its name, tata gold leaf tea represents a gold standard in elegance and sophistication. It's the perfect tea to elevate your moments of relaxation, reflection, and refinement.
  • Tata gold leaf tea caters to the preferences of tea enthusiasts. Whether you prefer a strong cup to invigorate your mornings or a more delicate brew for a serene afternoon, this tea offers versatility in brewing.
Country Of origin India
Ingredients Tea
Instructions Bring fresh water to boil and add a pinch of tea leaves. Add milk and sugar as per taste.
Nutritional Value Average Nutritional Value Per 6 Gram - Energy (kcal)-22 Kilocalories;Protein-1 Grams;Carbohydrates-3 Grams;Sugar-0 Grams;Fat-1 Grams;Sodium-1 mg
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