Haribol Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil - 1 L , For Roasting, Frying, Baking All types of Cuisines, Tasteful and Healthy (1)

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Haribol Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil offers you a premium culinary experience in every pour. Extracted using the gentle cold-press method to retain maximum nutrients and flavors, this 1-litre bottle of golden goodness is a staple for your kitchen. Whether you're roasting, frying, or baking, this versatile oil enhances the taste of all types of cuisines, ensuring your dishes are not only delicious but also healthy. Experience the natural richness and subtle nutty aroma that elevates your cooking to a whole new level. With Haribol Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil, you can savor every meal knowing you're making a tasteful and health-conscious choice for you and your loved ones.

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Brand Haribol
Country Of origin India
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