On1y Whole Cumin Seeds, 85 g, Sabut Jeera Spices, No added colour, No preservatives

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Whole Cumin Seeds: The On1y Whole Cumin Seeds are sourced from high-quality cumin seeds, known for their earthy and warm flavor profile. Pack of 85gm: The generous pack size ensures that you have an ample quantity of Whole Cumin Seeds for various culinary uses, enhancing the taste and aroma of your recipes. Versatile Usage: Use The On1y Whole Cumin Seeds in a wide range of dishes, including curries, rice dishes, spice blends, and more, to add a touch of warmth and depth of flavor. Rich Aroma and Flavor: The Whole Cumin Seeds from The On1y impart a rich aroma and distinct flavor to your dishes, enhancing both the sensory experience and taste profile. Health and Wellness: Cumin seeds are known for their potential health benefits, including digestive support and antioxidant properties. Including cumin seeds in your diet may contribute to overall well-being. Steam Sterilized Cumin with all the aromatic flavour and essential oils intact India’s first Certified, sustainably sourced and hygienically packed range of Whole Spice On1y's Cumin is packed in pouch with a built-in Zip lock. This keeps the aroma and flavour of spices intact.

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Brand On1y
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