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  1. Jk Sabudana Small Moti 250g
    MRP ₹45 ₹44
  2. Jk Sabudana Big 250g
    MRP ₹45 ₹44
  3. Jk  Sabudana Big 500g
    MRP ₹88 ₹86
  4. Organic Tattva Mix Dal 500g
    MRP ₹120 ₹96
  5. Spencer's Smart Choice Big Sago 500g
    MRP ₹70 ₹65
  6. Shyam's Agro Fresh Dalia 500g
    Sold Out
    MRP ₹35 ₹28
  7. DNV Sabu Dana 500g
    MRP ₹88 ₹86
  8. DNV Sabu Dana 250g
    MRP ₹44
  9. Spencer's Smart Choice Sago-Sabudana 250g
    MRP ₹37 ₹35
  10. Ganesh Wheat Dalia 500g
    MRP ₹38 ₹33

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Healthy Indian Breakfasts are incomplete without one of these -  Sabudana, Dalia, Oats & Wheat, be it khichdi while fasting or kheer while feasting, there is a healthy and yummy recipe with all of these. Spencers will never let you start your day with an empty stomach as we promise to deliver you on the same day as order.

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