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  1. Origami Napkin 30X30Cm 100U
    MRP ₹60 ₹48
  2. Origami Box Tissue 100 Pull 4U
    MRP ₹299 ₹239.20
  3. Freshones Facialtisue(100 Pulx2 Ply) 3Pack
    MRP ₹225 ₹175
  4. Premier Facial Tissue 200Pull
    MRP ₹250
  5. Freshones Designer Napkin 20 Sheet 1U
    MRP ₹75
  6. Spencer's Smart Choice Multipurpose Wipe Pack 50 U (units)
    Sold Out
    MRP ₹109
  7. B & W Kitchen Towel Buy 1 Get 1 Pack 4R
    Sold Out
    MRP ₹190
  8. Origami Sosoft Cocktail Napkin 22Cm 100U
    MRP ₹40
  9. Origami Kitchen Towel 60 Pull 2U
    MRP ₹140
  10. Origami Kitchen Towel Non Woven 1U
    MRP ₹190
  11. Premier Serviette 100 Sheet 1U
    MRP ₹60
  12. Handson Partynapkin 21X23Cm 100 Sheet 1U
    MRP ₹43 ₹34.40

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