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    MRP ₹135 ₹121.50 (10% OFF)
  2. Organic Tattva Urad Whole White 500g
    MRP ₹145 ₹130.50 (10% OFF)
  3. Organic Tattva Urad Dal Slt White 500g
    MRP ₹115 ₹103.50 (10% OFF)
  4. Organic Tattva Urad Whole Black 500g
    MRP ₹130 ₹117 (10% OFF)
  5. Organic Tattva Bengal Gram Roasted 500g
    MRP ₹115 ₹103.50 (10% OFF)
  6. Organic Tattva Rajma Chitra 500g
    MRP ₹160 ₹144 (10% OFF)
  7. Organic Tattva Moong Dal Slt Dhuli 500g
    MRP ₹135 ₹121.50 (10% OFF)
  8. Organic Tattva Moong Dal Whole 500g
    MRP ₹120 ₹108 (10% OFF)
  9. Organic Tattva Mix Dal 500g
    MRP ₹130 ₹117 (10% OFF)
  10. Organic Tattva Brown Chana 500g
    MRP ₹85 ₹76.50 (10% OFF)
  11. Organic Tattva Kabuli Chana 500g
    MRP ₹130 ₹117 (10% OFF)
  12. Organic Tattva Tur-Arhar Dal 1kg
    MRP ₹270 ₹243 (10% OFF)

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