Honey chilli potato

31 Jul, 2018
Prep - 45 Min. | Cook - 30 Min.
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Honey chilli potato is one of the chinese recipe, with crispy potatoes having chilly and honey flavour are just amazing and good appetiter.


Must have
Must have
Fresh Value New Potato 1kg 500 g Sold Out
seasome seeds 1 g
Druk Green Chilli Sauce 200g 2 tbsp Sold Out
Desiam Soy Sauce 200ml 1 g Sold Out
Tata Salt Lite Low Sodium Iodised Salt 1kg 1 tsp Sold Out
Figaro Olive Oil 5L 2 tsp Sold Out
Calvo Tuna In Tomato Sauce 160g 3 tbsp Sold Out
Healthkart Natural White Vinegar 500ml 2 tsp Sold Out
Gaia Organic Black Pepper 100g 1 PC Sold Out
Fresh Value Bell Capsicum Green 250g 100 g Sold Out
Onion Economy 1kg 200 g Sold Out
1 tsp
Capilano Australian Honey 500g Capilano Honey Large Jar 500g
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