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  1. Kabuli Chana Double Dollar Loose 1kg
    MRP ₹163
  2. Kabuli Chana Double Dollar Loose 500g
    MRP ₹81.50
  3. Chana Brown Premium Loose 1kg
    MRP ₹107
  4. Chana Brown Premium Loose 500g
    MRP ₹53.50
  5. Mark Premium Rajma Jammu 500g
    MRP ₹105
  6. Smart Choice Rajma Red 200g
    MRP ₹39
  7. Mark Premium Kala Chana 500g
    MRP ₹67
  8. Mark Premium Kabuli Chana 500g
    MRP ₹112
  9. Double Tick Kabuli Chana 1kg
    MRP ₹173
  10. Smart Choice Kabuli Chana ($) 1kg
    MRP ₹180
  11. Smart Choice Kabuli Chana ($) 500g
    MRP ₹91
  12. Smart Choice Chana Brown Big 1kg
    MRP ₹117

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