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  1. Golden Prize Smkd Pink Salmon Can Fillet 115G
    MRP ₹325 ₹308.75 (5% OFF)
  2. Golden Prize Pink Salmon Fillet Oil Can 115G
    MRP ₹325 ₹308.75 (5% OFF)
  3. Tong Garden Dried Pitted Prunes Pouch 130G
    MRP ₹220 ₹165 (25% OFF)
  4. Spc Whole Peeled Tomato Can 400G
    MRP ₹275
  5. Sealect Tuna Sandwich In Soybean Oil Can 185G
    MRP ₹250
  6. Golden Prize Canned Sardine Tomato Sauce Can 125g
    MRP ₹79 ₹75.05 (5% OFF)
  7. Golden Prize Sardine In Natural Oil With Chilli Can 125g
    MRP ₹79 ₹75.05 (5% OFF)
  8. Golden Prize Sardine In Brine Can 125g
    MRP ₹79 ₹75.05 (5% OFF)
  9. Fragata Pitted Queen Green Olives 340g
    MRP ₹350
  10. Fragata Queen Olives Plain Green 340G
    MRP ₹350
  11. Fragata Preserved Onions  345g
    MRP ₹260
  12. Sealect Tuna Sandiwich In Spring Water Can 185G
    MRP ₹250

Grab gourmet and exotic veg and non-veg canned food online on Spencer’s. Select the brand of your preference and enjoy some quality food at home. It is quick and easy to cook and it is the ideal for those who lead a busy schedule through the week. Order it online while at work and get it delivered at the time of your preference.

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Spencer’s is located in Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Noida, Hyderabad, Lucknow, & Vizag. Spencer’s delivers Canned Food ordered online on the same day to the customers’ door steps.

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