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  1. Bali Kitchen Multigrain Noodles 200g
    MRP ₹160
  2. Nong Shim Shin Ramyun Noodle 120g
    MRP ₹90
  3. Pantai Sweet Chilli Sauce 435ml
    MRP ₹245
  4. Pantai American Sriracha Sauce 435ml
    MRP ₹395
  5. Tiparos Fish Sauce 700ml
    MRP ₹245
  6. Healthy Boy Brand Srircha Chlli Sauce 250ml
    MRP ₹175
  7. Yamamoto Tonkatsu Sauce 450g
    Sold Out
    MRP ₹500
  8. Thai Heritage Green Chilli Dipping Sauce 200ml
    Sold Out
    MRP ₹160
  9. SomChai Red Curry Paste 125g
    MRP ₹95
  10. Pantai Sambal Oelek 227g
    MRP ₹295
  11. Thai Heritage Minced Ginger 100ml
    MRP ₹495
  12. Real Thai Sweet & Sour Tamarind Wok Sauce 150ml
    MRP ₹195

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